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Missa pro pacis (Communion, Post-communion); Ad pluviam postulandam (Introit, Secret, Post-communion); Ad serentitatem postulandam; (Introit, Secret, Post-communion) Pro infirmo (rubric only) (Votive)

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Common of Martyrs (Offertories) (Commons)

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Common of One Virgin (Versicles, Offertories) (Commons)


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Sts Peter and Paul (29 June) (Lesson, Offertory, Secret, Preface, Communion) (Sanctorale)

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Unidentified Common Mass (Lesson: Luke 14:27-33); Common of Martyrs (Introits, Psalms) (Commons)

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All Saints (1 November) (Introit, Psalm, Collect, Epistle) (Sanctorale)

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Communion (Canon)

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February/March (Calendar)
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