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The Feast of the Visitation (2 July) (Introit, Offertory, Secret, Preface, Communion, Post-Communion); Prayer in Veneration of St. Peter (Sanctorale)

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2nd day in the Octave of Assumption (16 August) ("Alia" Post-communion); Octave of St. Laurence (17 August) (Introit, Psalm, Collect, Epistle, Responsory, Versicle, Sequence, Lesson, Offertory, Secret, Communion, Post-communion); 4th day in the…

Preface of the Mass (Praefatio Communis) (Canon)

Common of One Confessor (Responsories, Versicles) (Commons)

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Canon of the Mass (Canon)

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St. Laurence (10 August) (Epistle, Responsory, Versicle, Lesson, Offertory, Secret, Communion, Post-communion) (Sanctorale)

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Common of One Martyr (Communions, Collect, Secret, Post-Communion, Collect, Secret, Post-communion, Epistle) (Commons)

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5th Sunday after Pentecost (Introit, Psalm, Collect, Epistle, Responsory, Lesson, Offertory) (Temporale)

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Vigil of Pentecost (Prayer, Gradual, Prayer, Kyrie, Gloria, Prayer, Epistle, Alleluia, Responsory, Versicle, Lesson, Offertory, Secret) (Temporale)
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